Gift Planning
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Legacy Society

Legacy Society Members

Legacy Society members have a current planned gift with the Endowment or have indicated they have planned a gift in their estate.

Anonymous (3)

Shedrick & Ryan Abney

George Miller & Faye Louise Baker

Ralph* & Nancy* Bauer

Barb Baughman

Dwight* & Joan Benner

Craig & Debbie Berg

Lon Bone

Linda Buchanan

Doug & Jane Carvell

Jim & Katie Davis

Roy* & Teena* Dickerson

Tim & Laura Dickerson

Frank & Carol Driscoll

Geri Dunkle

Zack & Rachael Dunlap

Fran & Janette Engelhardt

Aileen Erdmann*

Janice Erichsen*

Brady & Tiffany Ericson

Lynn & Jan Evans

Bob Everson

Bob & Mary Feldmaier

Brent & Amy Fitch

Margaret Fitts

Don & Sue Foehr

Eric & Diana Freeburg

Michael & Jeanne Fritz

Lois Gaigalas*

Bob Gillow

Bill & Barbara Goode

Mary Goyeau

Fred & Judy Green

Chris and Doris Hall

Gary & Laurie Haller

John E. & Judy Harnish

Esther Heussner*

Clare* & Kay Higby

Jeff & Mixie Hockman

Russ & Sue Ives

Sam & Tove Jackson

Fran Jones*

Jenny & Peter Kanefsky

Paul & Jackie Keller

Anna & Austin Kendall

Connie & Joe Kenty

Jerry* & Greg LaBrake

Eric & Candace Law

Shawn & Barbara* Lewis-Lakin

Ann Littleton

Greg & Wendy MacKenzie

Charlotte Mahrt

Mick & Sarah McClelland

Pauline McClew*

Gayle McGarvah

Robert & Sukie* McNutt

Ron & Gerri Vander Molen

Gwen Moore

Howard R. "Skip" Neilson*

John and Sharon Newman

George* & Mary Ann Newton

Susan & Claude Oleson

Bill* & Jane Pettibone

Dawn Pfaff

Barb Pobst

Ed* and Sharon Pugh

Jan Query*

Duane & Deanna Ralston

Doug Reinhard*

Roy Reiterman*

James & Carol Rillema

William & Kris Ritter

Richard & Lin Schoelch

Toni Segitz

Richard & Sara Shirley

Shane & Anna Spradlin

Joyce Stanton*

John & Liz Stevens

Bob & Ellie Sutherland

Chuck & Margy Truza

Gary & Margaret Valade

Jim & Merry Beth Valiquett

Tom & Rose-Marie Venier

Peggy A. Walker

Sue Walters

Tom Henderson* & Susan Waun

Steven* & Lisa Wells

Dorothy Willison*

Zeno & Ann Windley

George & Julie Work

If you have already included Birmingham First in your estate plans or would like further information about planned giving, please contact the Rev. Shawn Lewis-Lakin, Associate Pastor for Planned Giving, at 734-717-8947 or [email protected]

* indicates Legacy Society Members who have passed on to Glory. Thanks be to God for their life and faith!

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